* Frame-Tec Acquisition *

December 26th, 2023

Dear Customers,

We are announcing a major change for Frame-Tec LLC.

Earlier this year our parent company, Madison Industries, decided to spin-off the Frame-Tec division as its business model as a value-added reseller of aluminum extrusions was not a fit with all the other Madison companies as manufacturers.

We are pleased to announce that Frame-Tec has been acquired by Wade Tkachuk and Melissa Boehm, who have been managing the product line and supporting customers for the past 3 years. The company continues to operate from our warehouses in Baton Rouge and is supported by the same great staff you have been working with.

On December 22nd, 2023, we closed the deal to take ownership of Frame-Tec LLC which will now operate as Frame-Tec Pro LLC.

The biggest change will be resumption of normal inventory supply that was limited over 2023. We have containers of material on route to ensure you, our valued customers, have quality, timely material to support your operations.

For orders that have been shipped prior to Dec. 22nd, 2023, remittances are still to be made to NovelAire Technologies per the invoice. All orders shipped after Dec. 22nd will be to Frame-Tec Pro LLC. All open orders have been transferred to the new company for fulfillment.

We are excited for 2024 to support your production needs and provide you with quality aluminum extrusions, connectors, accessories, and solutions to your operational needs.

Please contact us with any questions and have a Happy New Year!!!

Wade Tkachuk & Melissa Boehm
Frame-Tec Pro LLC
10043 Mammoth Ave.
Baton Rouge, LA 70814-4420 USA
Ph: (225) 960-1500

Contact Details

  • Phone:      225.960.1500
  • Fax:          225.960.1510
  • Email Us:  Info@frame-tec.com

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