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Our low leakage control dampers, fixed blade louvers, and mist eliminators are economical, quick and easy to assemble and used  widely throughout the HVAC industry.



Frame-Tec's  low leakage aluminum damper is of opposed blade design, light, corrosion resisitant, strong and durable. The reinforced nylon gear-driven damper is available in single or double damper design. 

  • Controlled manually or by actuator.
  • Excellent bypass damper.
  • Double damper may control two separate airflows.
  • Sold completely fabricated, in kits, or as profiles and other parts.

Three designs of aluminum fixed blade louvers are available. Frame-Tec offers two different 2 inch louvers, and a one inch louver.

  • Aluminum and nylon construction.
  • Light, strong and durable.
  • Sold fabricated, kits or as profiles and other parts.

Frame-Tec offers marine grade corrosion resistant aluminum and polypropylene mist eliminators. 

  • Excellent storm louvers on air intakes.
  • Droplet separators off coils or evaporator coolers.
  • Wide velocity range.
  • Low pressure drop.
  • High separation efficiency.

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Download the entire catalog of products available in the EUR-1 modular system.

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